On 5 Dec 2007, at 15:46 , Chris Withers wrote:
There's python setup.py develop, which will also install the checked out thing as a development egg,

What does that mean? Which python files would I edit to make changes in this case?

The ones you checked out. This isn't rocket science, you know :).

Also, you don't get a test runner this easily (though we should probably make python setup.py test work at some point, it currently doesn't work).

I might be interested in making that happen ;-)


What still needs to be done? I'm imagining just plumbing the 'test' action through to running the zope.testing testrunner, or is there more to it than that?

No idea. You'll presumably have to deal with the tests_require thing as well.

The neat thign about the buildout way is that
- it's an absolute no-brainer

If you know what magic to incant ;-)

All you have to remember is python boostrap.py and bin/buildout. Not very hard. The advantage is that every single sandbox can be set up like this. I deploy all my sites like this now, be it Grok, Zope 3 or even Plone: checkout the project from SVN and enter the two command - done!

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