Christian Theune wrote:

> That depends on the container format and therefore it's the responsibility
> of the container (e.g. a HTTP header) to remove the whitespace.
> Note that AFAICT RFC 2045 section 5.1 (that's what you're referring to
> AFAICT) defines the MIME type specification as done with the Content-Type
> header for MIME messages without defining exactly how the actual type
> relates to the container.

That's why I asked about the intended semantics of our MIME type strings:
should anything that's called a MIME or content type be strict according
to the spec, it being the responsibility of whatever creates those strings
to make them so, or should we have to be forgiving in all the places that
consume MIME types?

> IMHO we should not pay attention to whitespace.

I'm not sure whether you mean we should ignore whitespace in a MIME type
string or not have to pay attention to the issue when consuming one.


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