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Martijn Faassen wrote:
So, what's the plan to clean up this mess? Can the Plone specific stuff be cleared up from the branches into a Plone-specific package and a new release be made that works for both Plone and the rest of the Zope world?
I thought it was ... we have five.customerize and then for the Plone-specific stuff. I'm not intimately familiar with the code, but you may want to check in with witsch, philiKON and alecm who are.

The current release definitely has dependencies on Plone. Zope doesn't even start as it tries to import from Plone. I already talked to philiKON and he didn't know. I'm assuming witsch or alecm are subscribed to this list so I'll wait for their answer.

I just had a look. The only Plone import I can see is "from plone.portlets"; now, the plone.portlets package is technically not Plone-specific (it's not in the* namespace - I even know of people who've used it with Grok!). In this case, we support customerization of plone.portlets renderers (which are a bit like viewlets).

That said, I suppose this should be either a conditional import or moved to a higher level altogether.

It seems to me it's also in the best interest of the Plone developers to have this cleaned up, right?

Yeah. The idea is for five.customerize to be generic and to be specific UI for Plone.


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