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Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> [snip]
>>>> So, what's the plan to clean up this mess? Can the Plone specific 
>>>> stuff be cleared up from the branches into a Plone-specific package 
>>>> and a new release be made that works for both Plone and the rest of 
>>>> the Zope world?
>>> I thought it was ... we have five.customerize and then 
>>> plone.app.customerize for the Plone-specific stuff. I'm not intimately 
>>> familiar with the code, but you may want to check in with witsch, 
>>> philiKON and alecm who are.
>> The current release definitely has dependencies on Plone. Zope doesn't 
>> even start as it tries to import from Plone. I already talked to 
>> philiKON and he didn't know. I'm assuming witsch or alecm are subscribed 
>> to this list so I'll wait for their answer.
> I just had a look. The only Plone import I can see is "from 
> plone.portlets"; now, the plone.portlets package is technically not 
> Plone-specific (it's not in the plone.app.* namespace - I even know of 
> people who've used it with Grok!). In this case, we support 
> customerization of plone.portlets renderers (which are a bit like viewlets).
> That said, I suppose this should be either a conditional import or moved 
> to a higher level altogether.

- -1 to the conditional import;  + 1 to moving the code.

>> It seems to me it's also in the best interest of the Plone developers to 
>> have this cleaned up, right?
> Yeah. The idea is for five.customerize to be generic and 
> plone.app.customerize to be specific UI for Plone.

We need to avoid such dependencies altogether:  code which uses
'plone.portlets' should *not* be present in five:customerize.  Support
for that logically belongs in 'plone.portlets' itself, or some other
code which already has that package as a dependency.

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