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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
On 24 Dec 2007, at 16:32 , Andreas Jung wrote:
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.content_types not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.event not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.filerepresentation not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.location not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.mail not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.rdb not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.servicenames not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.site not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.size not found
WARN: KGS incomplete - zope.app.tests not found

I kicked them.

Well, they've been deprecated for a while but it says they were
scheduled for removal in Zope 3.5 which corresponds Zope 2.12. So we
can't get rid of them just yet. Zope 2.11 shoudl still contain them.

IMO it's fine to simply leave the externals from the 2.10 branch for
them in place.

Now all of those above packages aren't in the beta1 tarball. I'd
consider this a bug, right?

I removed the externals so they are not in the b1 tarball. Possibly
a bug from the deprecation point of view. On the other side it is hard enough now to keep track of the "right" version and dealing with the different versions. The KGS is a good start and I wrote a small script keeping the Zope 2 svn:externals in sync (mostly) with the KGS. However I need some additional metadata in order to know what deprecates when in order for having a half-way automated mechanism for updating the externals. I can not depend on the informal information coming from mailing lists and private mail becomes the huge amount of externals becomes unmanageable. The idea would be to extend the KGS or maintain a database/file that contains for every component its deprecation release (and perhaps other metadata needed).


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