Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
- can these proxies be used to keep track of a traversal path in much the same way (although no seperate containment and context chains needed) as the old Zope 2 acquisition wrappers did?

We generally assign a __parent__ attribute to objects that have a hierarchical parent object.

Okay, but I'm talking about a context-based chain, ie: keeping track of what objects were traversed through to obtain the current object. Traversed here does *not* mean Zope 3 url traversal which si why I'm looking for something akin to Zope 2's acquisition wrappers, but without the weird containment/context dual wrapping.

- once a proxy has been created, the the object it's proxying for be replaced?

I don't understand this question.

>>> x = proxy(y)
>>> a.x = x
>>> b.x = x

I now want to do something like:

>>> x.replace(y,z) a and b will still keep their references, but the object being proxied for has been changed.



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