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Andreas Jung wrote at 2008-1-16 08:21 +0100:
I have running Zope 2 application using SQLAlchemy 0.3.11/z3c.sqlalchemy
1.0.11 and needs to be migrated to SA 0.4/z3c.sqlalchemy 1.1. For the
migration period I installed all four versions as multi-version eggs.

For debugging purposes, my lib/python/Zope2/Startup/zopectl.py
This works nicely. The correct modules are imported properly.

Later during the startup phase while initializing a product called
"MedienDB" the related code is doing the following import:

from z3c.sqlalchemy.interfaces import ISQLAlchemyWrapper

This import fails with

portError: 'No module named sqlalchemy.interfaces'
-> from z3c.sqlalchemy.interfaces import ISQLAlchemyWrapper

although the same import worked much earlier?

Any ideas? As said: this issue only occurs with multi-version eggs.

Zope is *not* running in the context of "zopectl".
Instead, it is running in its own process -- imports done in "zopectl"
do not affect this process (Zope).

You need your "pkg_require" in Zope proper (not in "zopectl").

...which does not solve the problem (of *course* tried that :-))


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