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> Betreff: Re: AW: [Zope-dev] FileUpload and blob on Windows


> I'm already using something like that, because 
> NamedTemporaryFiles on Windows disappear when they're closed, 
> *even if* they've been renamed away from the original file 
> name, but then I hit the other snag in that open files can't 
> be renamed, and even win32file hard links to open files can't 
> be renamed while the original is open
> And I also tried replacing the request file with a blob file 
> opened for reading, but the request outlives the transaction, 
> so when the commit happens, the blobfile is still open and 
> BlobStorage complains. I even tried surreptitiously opening 
> the filesystem file from under blob and placing that in the 
> request, but at commit time, BlobStorage tries to rename the 
> file to it's final location, and Windows doesn't like it.
> Now I'm wondering if I'll have to implement a transaction 
> manager to close a blob files before the transaction.

Probably the question is; when do you try to move the file?
I only move the file on transaction commit after 
everything is done. e.g. widget validation etc.

Is this not how blob will handle the move? Or does blob to
early move/touch the file again. I only read from the file stream
and after that I read the file size based on file system infos
which is much faster.
I never touch that file again till the transaction is commited.

What's the reason why you need to read the file again after
it is created?

Roger Ineichen

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