Christian Theune wrote at 2008-2-4 13:23 +0100:
> ...
> +        # agroszer: 2008.feb.1.: currently the above seems not to be true
> +        # request will KEEP the response on close()
> +        # even more if a retry occurs in the publisher,
> +        # the response will be LOST, so we must accept the returned request
> +        request = publish(request)
> +        return request.response.getResult()
>Same comment as previously, please avoid this style of annotation.

I disagree with you.

Commenting difficult code passages which can easily be seen
as overly complex if one does not look carefully is a *very* good

Especially in this case, I find the explanation vital why
"response" is recomputed rather than the already known "response" used.

>it doesn't look like the issue is actually finally resolved as you say 

Better specify explicitely when one is not absolute sure.

>SVN tracks who edited what and when, the statement of your name and the 
>change date isn't necessary.

But when one looks at the code, it is not easy to find out which 
SVN revision produced this code -- unless you look through the complete

Therefore, the who may be helpful in case of questions about the code.

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