Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
try ore.wsgiapp in pypi, you provide a root utility and traversal begins from there, the zodb is never opened. the default publication looks up the app root via utility and traversal continues from there. i've been using it successfully for a number of relational apps without the zodb.
Thanks, Kapil.

I spent a day on it, and never got past error pages. Maybe my problem was starting with a zopeproject.

Anyway, it got me to take a good look at pylons, which I think is a better match for web development without ZODB.

I found I can still use adapters and utilities by using zope.component and zope.interface. :)

zif.sedna (newly beta2 in pypi) now has instructions for using its zope3 database adapter with repoze.tm in pylons.

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