Fred Drake wrote:
> zope.contenttype is a copy/hack of an older version of the mimetypes
> from Python's standard library.  I'm not sure it's a *good* place to
> the functions, but it's probably better than zope.publisher.

zope.contenttype has only standard library dependencies, which is an
improvement for me.  This functionality is thematically related, if
nothing else.

> zope.publisher.contenttype would need to remain for compatibility, but

> should be able to simply import the functions from zope.contenttype.

I experimented (diff attached) by moving to
zope.contenttype.mimeparser, then copying tests; with minor
search/replace in the copy of tests, this works.  If these can be moved,
it seems much better to make zope.contenttype a documented dependency of
zope.mimetype and change the imports in zope.mimetype to cease importing
from zope.publisher.

> I'll suggest the just copying the implementation module to 
> zope.contenttype.parser.  :-)  There are tests that will need to be
> as well.

Renaming that module to be more descriptive too might be good when it is
copied.  See attached diff to trunk r79689 (for which tests pass) for
what I'm thinking.


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