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Martijn Faassen schrieb:
I think the explicit versus implicit discussion has no place here. Placing a package on the 'develop' line is a very explicit action, and you place it on that line because you want to *develop on it*. Having another package being picked up is surprising.

OTOH it makes you aware about potential version mismatches very early, because you try to develop on a package that doesn't seem to be supported by that particular buildout. So maybe you, for example actually wanted/should increase the version number.

I don't understand what you're getting at. A development package will *never* be supported by a package listing in a particular buildout, as it should always have a 'dev' marker in its version number in setup.py. If it's listed in any list of fixed versions, it's always going to be wrong.

And yes, when you release a package you've been developing you do need to update the versions listing of the buildout that depends on it. It's clear enough from what's listed in 'develop' what you need to be updating.

Did really nobody run into this surprise before? I am really surprised at that. I mean, you were working with a buildout with a fixed version list, added a package to 'develop' and then (after some head-scratching) noticed your changes weren't being picked up at all, and then you *weren't* surprised about it and wondering what to do about it?

Nope. I'm not always working against a fixed version list. E.g. when I
developt z3c.zalchemy then this is a library package, not an
application, so I don't fix the versions but let anything that satisfies
the the requirements in setup.py come in.

In this situation I might use a checkout of SQLAlchemy that doesn't
match the version requirement so it doesn't get picked. (I.e. there are
two branches of zalchemy, one for SA 0.3 and one for 0.4)

I don't want to start developing on the 0.3 branch using SA 0.4

buildout can be and is used in a much broader way than just applications
that provide fixed versions.


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