These changes sound great.

I just looked for your checkins in the checkins list. I didn't find them. If I recall correctly, this usually happens if the committer is not subscribed to the list and has not been blessed by an admin to let the messages through anyway.

So, if I'm right, it would be cool if these happened:

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On Mar 9, 2008, at 4:11 AM, Matthew Grant wrote:


Just created a new branch for zope.sendmail.

This is a result of the state machine analysis work I did on it after
finding that it was creating problems on sending mail to our smart

svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/repos/main/zope.sendmail/branches/ grantma-retryfixes

with lots of juicy new fixes including:

- Restructured SMTP mailer and QueueProcessorThread so that all
 SMTP error logic is in the mailer.  Clears the way for another
 mailer for /usr/sbin/sendmail command line can be used with
- Added ability for QueueProcessorThread so that it can handle temporary failures in delivery to its smart host - ie administrator reconfiguring mailserver, mail server reboot/restart This was the main error path that
 was missing from the trunk code's state machine.
- Formatted log messages in a consistent fashion so that they can be grepped
 out of z3.log
- Added maildir message filename to log messages as message id - allows
 easy analysis/triage of mail message sending problems
- Added optional cleaning of lock links to QueueProcessorThread so that
 messages can be resent immediately on Zope3 restart.
- Added pollingInterval (ms), cleanLockLinks (boolean), and retryInterval
 (seconds) configure options to configure.zcml.

Comments welcomed. I know it is a major portion of code and a bit of a restructure,
but I have created unit  tests for all my major changes.  It includes
all the stuff that was missing and that was needed for our production

I imagine that all of this will prove to be really useful when it is added to
the trunk zope.sendmail


Matthew Grant
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