Wichert Akkerman wrote:
The fact that something is popular does not necessarily mean it is the
right thing :)

Very true. It does, however, mean that you have to have a convincing argument to change popular opinion.

Lack of isolation is a very convincing argument to me.

This almost never bites me (if I'm understanding you correctly).

Perhaps more personal taste but I also find python unittests to be much
more readable. You don't suffer from mixing lots of test setup/teardown
being repeated through the file. As Tres mentioned this is especially
true when testing corner cases.

Footnotes and good test structure alleviate the need for in-line setup/teardown.

Being able to debug tests by stepping over them with pdb is incredibly
useful. With doctests that doesn't work.

As a heavy pdb user, this rarely bothers me, but seems to be more of an implementation issue than an argument that doctests are bad for unit tests.

Being able to run a single test easily allows for quick testing and
debugging. I can't tell the testrunner 'start running at line 52 but
also include all the test setup magic from before, but skip the rest'. With
unittests I can simple run zopectl test -s <module> -t <test function>.

I don't see a huge advantage over

    bin/test -s <package> -t <doctest file name>

doctests hurt my productivity badly.

<shrug> I guess I'm the odd-man-out.
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