On Sun, 2008-03-09 at 20:54 -0400, Gary Poster wrote:
> I did have one somewhat trivial thought.  I generally prefer durations  
> and intervals expressed as datetime.timedeltas myself, because they  
> convey their meaning without having to look it up docs (is that number  
> value a number of seconds?  milliseconds?  minutes?).  There might  
> even be a zcml built in for schema field for that; I believe I  
> remember that there is in ZConfig.

Minor detail - yes it has warts - there are other things that will need
doing to, its just time that this code was put out there. 

> Also, some variety of doctest would be nice.  Even when a package is  
> not using doctests, I add new tests as doctest unless there's a really  
> good reason not to.

It was the only way I could debug and introspect the problems from the
Unit tests - the python debugger does not run properly from the
doctests, and the original test are all unit tests...

> In this case, it looks like you've made the code significantly more  
> robust, which has added some probably necessary complexity.  The code  
> looks readable, but I recommend a maintainer-oriented overview/ 
> introduction as a doctest, at the least.  For instance, perhaps you  
> could think about documentation about the rationale for the approach  
> and about the dance that this code participates in (with the lock  
> files and all the possible SMTP error conditions and the code's  
> responses).  Of course, even more friendly docs than that would be  
> nice, but I'm only asking for what I myself tend to give, unfortunately.

A little does need adding there - I have scanned state machine diagrams
and the design rationale.  I will go and put those in the checkin when I
have a spare moment.



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