Roger Ineichen schrieb:
Hi Mat
Can you give a smaple ot the search string which you are using
if it contains a sequence widget? I guess this string is wrong
and this ends in none sequence data at the server side.
If I'm right, now you are trying to convert this simple data
string into a sequence, right?

Try to build a sequence of values as:


that's the right way to send sequence data and will give you the result:

text = ['foo', 'bar']

at the server side.

Hi Roger,

I am sorry, but I was not clear enough with my description:

In my search-form, I have a simple single-select-widget (i.e. a dropdown). My problem is not to transmit multiple values for a single widget over a GET-paramter-string - for this, your solution should work. But I want to use the key and value of this dropdown-widget just the same way as for input-widgets:
I want to be able to build a query-string like


and have the SequenceWidget accept this single value. Currently, SequenceWidget depends on the fact, that in the templates for sequence-widgets, the name of the widget gets a postfix of ":list" (so "form.widgets.dropdown" is now "form.widgets.dropdown:list") and because of that, the value is transformed to a list by zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest.

But because the method in my application that builds the query-string has no knowledge about the widget-types - it simple has key-value-pairs - it can not append the ":list" postfix to the paramter name, thus the value is not transformed to a list and SequenceWidget disregards the value altogether.

With the two additional lines, SequenceWidget does not assume anymore, that value has already been transformed to a list (a bold assumtion as I think, since it depends on the default templates) and it will accept query-strings of the given form.


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