Marcello Bax wrote at 2008-3-19 09:31 -0300:
> ...
>I compiled Python 2.4.4 on AIX 5.3, with cc_r compiler, installed Zope-2.9.8and
>Everything seems work well, excepted when I call Plone on the browser or
>click on the "view tab" inside one Plone site at the ZMI.
>When I do this, I get a "Segmentation fault" on the server.

Looks very much like a C runtime stack overflow.

> ...
>I found this text in  at Zope-2.9/doc/PLATFORMS/AIX.txt :
>"from Wolfgang Roesner (reporting segfaults and a fix)
>  The default stack size for a pthread on AIX (at least in my
>  configuration) is 96kB. On Solaris it's 1M. As soon as I explicitly
>  set the initial stack size to 1M the problem went away and it
>  appears as if Zope is up and running.
>  Unfortunately I really had to change "thread_pthread.h" in Python
>  which obviously is not a nice thing to do as I now have a need for
>  my own private version of Python. But at least I have a running
>  version of Zope on AIX."
>Is this really something to try?

Definitely. Almost surely, you see precisely this problem (C runtime
stack too small).

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