On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 11:00:00AM +0100, Felix Schwarz wrote:
> Andreas Jung schrieb:
>> The best thing is: try it out! Since your application has unittests, it 
>> should be easy to verify the functionality against a new version :-)
> The problem is more complicated unfortunately: I want to use z3c.rml which 
> needs zope.schema, zope.interface and other packages. Fedora currently 
> ships the old zope.interface (3.0) which seems to be too old for 
> zope.schema 3.4.
> I built RPM packages for myself but thought about submitting these to 
> Fedora. Therefore I have an undefined set of applications possible using 
> zope.interface 3.0 (and relying on this version). Even if my custom 
> application has a very good unit test coverage, this does not help the 
> Fedora Project.
> On the other hand if there was a commitment to a stable (downwards 
> compatible) API in 3.x, I think it would be much easier to get my RPMs into 
> Fedora.

AFAIK there is a commitment to backwards-compatible APIs in the 3.x
series, with a time limit: APIs deprecated in version 3.x may be
removed in version 3.(x+2).

On the other hand, bugs happen, and sometimes people mistake internal
implementation details for APIs.  There's no substitute for actual

The safe way is to use a sandbox full of Zope 3 packages known to work
together.  There are multiple ways of getting one: svn checkout, tarball
install, virtualenv, zc.buildout.

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