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Jim Fulton wrote:
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Jim Fulton wrote:
On Mar 21, 2008, at 6:54 PM, David Pratt wrote:
Hi Jim. OK great. Many thanks for elaborating. This will be progressive. I had been considering an application use case without a zodb. Is this the scenario that the basic publisher would facilitate?
No-more so than the existing publisher. I just want to make the publisher useful for small applications that don't need the component architecture and other facilities that zope.publisher depends on for mostly minor reasons.
This is of course a good goal in itself, though I'm curious how it compares to the Repoze publisher and its "obob" machinery?
Me too. I have a hard time figuring out what repoze is and I don't necessarily want to go swimming to find out. :) Is the repose publisher described somewhere? I would like to create a 21st-century Bobo and this minimal publisher is part of that plan. If I create a new Bobo, I want it's requirements to be minimal. I don't want to depend on something as big as repoze seems to be.

I think Repoze is a collection of many very small parts, rather than a very big whole. To me (i.e. to Plone), it's a way to deploy Zope 2 applications (Plone) in a WSGI way with pipelines and filters and all the rest of it. Repoze is also splitting out some of the useful bits of a monolithic Zope into re-usable middleware, including virtual hosting, transaction co-ordination, retry, and profiling.

OK, I get that from the repoze about page. That doesn't explain why it should be relevant to my proposal to create a stripped-down Zope 3 publisher.

I suspect that the reason the Repoze guys ended up rewriting the Zope 2 publisher is that it was too monolithic to support deployment as a WSGI application.

Well, that's not my problem, on 2 counts. 1) I'm not using the Zope2 publisher. :) 2) The Zope3 publisher works just fine with WSGI and Paste. I suppose Tres and Chris didn't reuse the Zope 3 publisher for this because .... actually, I have no idea why they didn't. I'm pretty sure the Zope 3 publisher has the necessary hooks to allow someone to implement Zope 2 publisher semantics.


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