On Mar 21, 2008, at 8:59 PM, Tres Seaver wrote:
but also includes a bunch of other packages.  The OP might find the
following source distributions instructive:

- http://dist.repoze.org/zopelib- contains the Zope2
  packages plus the relevant Zope3 code, drawn from Zope 3.3.2.  It
  also includes most of the "foreign" packages the OP identified,
  except those in the ZODB egg.

Actually this distro *also* includes the ZODB packages. I wasn't able to excise them.

- http://dist.repoze.org/ZODB3-3.7.2.tar.gz contains the ZODB packages,
  including transaction and ThreadedAsync.  This is the version that
  the zopelib distribution depends on.

zopelib doesn't depend on this package, but repoze.zope2 does (just to get the most recent ZODB release; the installation ordering ensures that this one is installed last, and so is hopefully found first).

The voice of idealism says that yes, every little Zope package ought to
be packaged in each popular distro, and these should work together
nicely, and be bug-free and fully supported. It will take a lot of time and work to reach that state, and I'm afraid most of the Zopers are too
busy building production applications to be much help with this.

Yup, exactly.

+1 on fewer packages, particularly for Zope2, which is a lovable twisted mess of subtle interdependencies between packages that mostly have no lives on their own anyway.

- C

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