Products.Five.browser.adding is basically a copy of zope.app.container.browser.adding. Over time they became more out of sync than necessary. I'd like to fix that, but have one question:

In the Five version

  from zope.app import zapi
  factory = zapi.getUtility(IFactory, type_name)

was replaced by

  import zope.component
  factory = zope.component.getUtility(IFactory, type_name)


Was this a code modernization that should be ported to zope.app.container? Or should I revert the change in Products.Five? Keeping two different versions makes it unnecessarily hard to read the diffs.

Personally, I prefer yet an other version:

  from zope.component import getUtility
  factory = getUtility(IFactory, type_name)

But I don't want to change both files if there is no recommended version.

Maybe we don't need a strict policy for this, but some guidance would be nice to have.

Any opinions? Any guidelines I missed?



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