Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
ViewPageTemplateFile etc. are only meant to be used as class attributes, never as instance attributes. This statement is also true for the current, acquisition-based one from Five.

Is that documented anywhere? I can't seem to find any interface or
docstring that documents that.

I suppose not, because ViewPageTemplateFile (or ZopeTwoPageTemplateFile, as it used to be called) was and still is poorly documented. Initially, it was only used internally by the ZCML directives until people started writing the view template explicitly into the view class, much like in Zope 3.

So no, there isn't documentation about the Five bit. But there *is* documentation about the Zope 3 bit (my book, for instance), so my argument is mostly based on the principle of correspondence between Five and Zope 3.

In my opinion, the fact that it accidentally worked as an instance
variable isn't a very strong argument for continuing to support it. To
me, this is a prime example of misusing a Five component which now
leads to problems when we go pure Zope3.

I'ld agree if there was a docstring or interface that made that
explicit. I've updated the relevant code in plone.app.portlets though
since the change is harmless.

Cool, that's great. If this is just a matter of a docstring, I'm sure that can be arranged :)
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