Maerteijn wrote:
I'm thinking about volunteering for the zope2 section, but I already can say
that I'm not an expert on all facets of zope2. However, helping out is the
main concern now so something is better than nothing.

Absolutely. I don't think you need to be an expert to do a good job. In fact, I think it's much better if you're not an expert and know how to present something for non-experts.

I'm doubting about what to write / have examples for etc., as you can do a
lot of zope3 technology in zope2 already, however there are some zope2 only
things which should be mentioned as well (Plain Products, SimpleItem, tabs
for ZMI, TTW development etc.), or should we really focus on the zope3
technology only?

There is a Zope 3 section, so I suggest we focus on the stuff that's unique to Zope 2, but explain where the Zope 3 stuff fits in.

Taking the examples on worldcookery examples' as a base and
pointing out the difference between the platforms is maybe a good idea. Does
someone have a good vision how to structure this or have some concrete

That may be useful. I think the key question should be "why would I want to use Zope 2, and how do I use it?"

BTW : I see some people refer to something called "the Zope libraries", but
for me it's unclear what is exactly meant by that (except "zope3
technology"). I think that a clear definition would help.

The phrase is being worked into the text to try and explain to a non-Zope historian the role of the numerous Zope 3 packages that are just as useful in Zope 2/CMF/Plone/Python development as they are in a "Zope 3 only" environment.

The fact that "Zope 3" is not a successor to "Zope 2" and that the two intermix significantly is probably the most difficult story we have to tell. From a Zope 2 perspective, it also says something about that platform being still relevant even as Zope 3 goes into version 3.4 and beyond.

The Venn diagram at illustrates this concept.


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