Admittedly I ignored this, as these kinds of calls has gone out for
years, and nothing happens. But this time it looks like it actually
*will* happen, which is great. So here is my 2 centimes:

On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 5:52 PM, Martin Aspeli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  The rumours are true. :) An effort has been going on for a while to improve
> the experience and thereby help make Zope more accessible to new
> users.


>   - A great design by Oliver Ruhm, paid for by Lovely Systems
>   - A Plone 3 site hosted by Lovely Systems
>   - A skin for this site by Denis Mishunoff
>   - A skeleton content structure
>   - A plan for going forward


>   - "Projects" gives an explanation of how the different Zope projects fit
> together (Zope 2, Zope 3, Grok, CMF, ZODB). Each is then given a subfolder
> that contains a standard structure: A front page that explains the project
> in more detail, "Get" (downloads), "Taste" (as above, but for a particular
> project) and "Learn". The "Learn" section should contain relevant,
> up-to-date documentation.


Each project should have it's own site. Like Grok has today. The
Projects page which explains what they are and how they fit together
is fine, but the different subparts will necessarily have to be
maintained by slightly different people with slightly different

We can set up rules so that both and point to the same physical place, but it is extremely
important that we do not, once again, try to make a monolithic

Microsites, microsites, microsites!

>   - "Foundation" links to the Foundation site for now. If the Foundation
> website maintainers want to move into this site in the future, they are of
> course more than welcome to.

See above.

>  Grok has its own home page, though I think we should keep referring to
>  it where it makes sense.

Which is always.

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