Chris McDonough wrote:
True, although the Zope2 instance-creation scripts will probably become setuptools console scripts, which means that things will likely need to get shuffled around a bit from how things are now regardless and old hands will be baffled anyway.

repoze.zope2 needs the libraries, but doesn't need the stock Zope instance creation scripts (repoze.zope2's may actually conflict name-wise with those from "stock" Zope 2). I'll see if I can figure out a way that repoze.zope2 can just use stock zope2 instance-creation scripts so making a different meta-egg that includes just instance creation stuff isn't as attractive.

We have lots of instance creation logic in the plone.recipe.zope2instance package as well. While it currently still calls mkzope2instance internally, there isn't really anything from it which it depends on anymore.

While this code is currently zc.buildout specific, I would favor a smarter general instance creation script where we could offload all logic to. Currently there is too much zope.conf building stuff and a improved test runner and control script in that recipe, where lots of the parts are reusable. Most of this is providing a Python API to build zope.conf and adjusting the default values of some options to more sensible values. We also have the zope2zeoserver recipe which on top provides the missing Windows support scripts and adjustments for ZEO.

Do people feel any of this should be more generally reusable? What does repoze.zope2 currently do in this area or would like to do?


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