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On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 12:58 PM, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[buildout.org versus buildout.zope.org]
>  > Agreed, we shouldn't hide ourselves. I think *.python.org is a step
>  > too far. What I do think is that it's good to let projects that *do*
>  > stand on their own stand alone in their presentation as well. That's
>  > not about hiding ourselves, it's about giving the right impression to
>  > people.
>  True. Considering that the current zope.org effort hopefully won't die (when
>  are we going to go live? Is there something like a check list or road map?)

I'm not in charge of the zope.org project, but this is a good
question. I've cc-ed Martin.

>  > I think we can do this with buildout.zope.org, but if people can find
>  > a good top-level domain name then I'd certainly not want to stop them,
>  > as long as the affiliation with the Zope project is clear. This is
>  > mostly Jim's creation, after all, though I think the community-created
>  > recipes are something we should definitely showcase. We have a *lot*
>  > of features available through those recipes.
>  Right. But this still sounds like those project should try to distance
>  themselves from Zope.  IMHO we should get the story right that stuff that
>  comes out of the Zope world can be known as such and used even somewhere 
> else.

>  Moving to a different site is IMHO a workaround for us not having our general
>  message be clear and understood.

I'm on the fence on this one. I think as long as the site *says* it's
affiliated with the Zope project, the Zope community and the
foundation, we're fine. You can argue both directions here: we might
even *help* send the message to people that the Zope community is
actually serious about providing stuff useful to outsiders.

I propose we let the naming discussion rest for now given the
arguments have been made. The most important thing is the creation of
a website.


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