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 So let's just build a first nice zope.org with subfolders explaining the
different projects because it's important to have just *something*. At

Sure, that's fine. But that's just one page of explanation, which I
also mentioned in my previous mail.

 If we take the ZODB as an example, I have started writing a small
introductory text in the /projects/zodb page (and an image). The goal of
this page is not to be the main place for zodb activity but just to
introduce the zodb as a part of the zope project and how it can be used with
zope. This does not prevent from having a zodb.zope.org site and linking to
it... if someone ever begins to build one.

Exactly. Whch is very differnt from the previous idea of creating a
fixed structure for all projects with documentation etc.

That was never the idea.

Each project gets its own space. Having some consistency there makes sense, but there's not going to be one "Documentation" section for all documentation and one "Downloads" section for all downloads. That doesn't make any sense.


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