Hi all

I added a new package for extract i18n locales
and I have some questions.

Is it posible to split the zope.app.locales
package into a package which offers the 
interfaces and classes e.g. PotMaker, 
the generic extract.py file and another one
which provides the translation for zope.app?

Right now the zope.app.locales offers the API
for extract locales messages and at the same time
it offers the translations for zope.app packages.
Also the hole locale extraction is still based on
the old style trunk setup and is not useable for egg
based projects.

The new package which I implemented in z3c.recipe.i18n
can extract locales straight from released eggs or
from linked in develop externals.

What does this mean?
The locale extraction is now a part of a recipe
and not a part of a package itself.

My goal is to remove the dependencies in the 
z3c.recipe.i18n, because right now it uses the 
base implementation in zope.app.locales which makes 
it depend on the hole zope namepsace. Because of 
the overall zope.* dependenc in zope.app.locale.

The best option whould be to split zope.app.locales
into usefull packages. The not so good optipon whould
be to copy over the relevant classes and scripts to
the recipe and skip the dependency to zope.app.locale.

I also started to use the recipe in z3c.locales
and zam.locales. Take a look at this package for 
a real usecase.

What do you think? Should we switch the locale extraction
to that concept for the zope.* packages too or not?

Roger Ineichen

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