I am attempting to integrate a zope site with some other applications.

I'm trying to get another application to set the _ZopeId browser/session cookie, so that users can move between the two with a single login.

This requires me to reproduce the code below, so a valid broser Id is returned:

(from Products.Sessions.BrowserIdManager 505:512)

def getB64TStamp(
    b2a=binascii.b2a_base64,gmtime=time.gmtime, time=time.time,
    b64_trans=b64_trans, split=string.split,
    TimeStamp=TimeStamp.TimeStamp, translate=string.translate
    return translate(ts, b64_trans)

Unfortunately, I don't know any C, and the TimeStamp function is only available in C. I'm hoping someone can spare a few minutes to explain how this function could be coded in python so I can understand it, and produce a non-python function to return valid browser ids.

I hope that makes sense!



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