Previously Tres Seaver wrote:
> They don't actuallly *use* them for anything.  I'm arguing that the time
> is *now* to drop the BBB, which is not going to break any code which was
> actually *working* in terms of the expected behavior of interfaces.
> Software which hasn't been updated to use Z3 interfaces at this point
> won't *ever* get updated if we leave the BBB code in place.

Until we start seeing some *visible* deprecation warnings in code I will
keep objecting. As I said before I have managed to work with Zope for a
few years now without ever having seen a single deprecation statement
for Z2 interfaces. Right now I have a feeling that the strategy is 'oh,
this has been deprecated for years but we forgot to put the mesasge out,
but we'll remove it anyway'. That can't be right.

Add some zope.deprecate calls around Z2 interfaces in the 2.9-2.11
trees. Really.


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