These three don't mix well; here's the setup:

Using ``zope.traversing.api.traverse``, we're able to traverse from the site root to the directory resource, and on to the actual resource by way of OFS.Traversable.

However, trying to get the absolute url of the resource fails, and it seems to be an acquisition-wrapping thing.

We're in ``Products.Five.browser.resource.Resource``, and the directory resource has the following aq_chain:

[<Products.Five.metaclass.DirectoryResource9 object at 0x9a1de30>,
 <Products.Five.metaclass.DirContainedImageResource9 object at 0x9a1d630>,
 <Products.Five.metaclass.DirectoryResource9 object at 0x9a1de30>]

A lethal cocktail. Can anyone shed light on this issue?


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