Shane Hathaway wrote at 2008-6-4 00:01 -0600:
> ...
># SiteManager API. This needs to get deprecated eventually.
>But... um... everything in the module uses getSiteManager().  The whole 
>component foundation is built on it.  When is it going to be replaced? 
>With what?  By whom?
>I'm assuming for the moment that the comment is a lie, and that 
>getSiteManager() is not going away, since otherwise I have no foundation 
>to build upon.

I, too, hope (and expect) so.

>I think I want to use a threading.local as my site manager.  That way, I 
>can use a different configuration for each WSGI app even if several apps 
>run in different threads of a single Python interpreter.  It looks like 
>the module does something like what I want, but 
>that module is complicated and lacks comments in the places that matter, 
>so I'm not quite sure what it accomplishes.  I'll add comments to that 
>module if anyone can explain it fully.
>That led me to the zope.thread module, which is apparently deprecated 
>already, yet still depends on it.  Is that an 
>hysterical accident?

As I have read, thread local variables have been invented and
implemented in Zope 3 land and donated to Python.

Now, that it is in Python, the original Zope implementation
can go away. Maybe, that is the purpose of the "zope.thread" module?

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