Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
Regarding to the discussion some days ago with the SQLAlchemy Zope3 integration, I still have problems with retrieving the session. I currently use a utility for the engine, which seems to work well.

However, for retrieving the session, I tried to use the following pattern (many thanks to Michael Bayer, btw.):

-------- database module -----------
SASession = scoped_session(sessionmaker(
    transactional = True,
    autoflush = True,
    extension = ZopeTransactionExtension()))

def getSASession():
    engine = getUtility(ISAEngineUtility).getEngine()
    s = SASession()
    s.bind = engine
    return s

In my application, I then use getSASession() to retrieve my session.

However, what I think is not that beautiful is the "s.bind = engine" part. Are there any suggestions how to improve this?

You have two options

If you ever need to mix objects from different `sites` into the same session, you should use an adapter on your root object like:

Sessions = {}

def getSASession(context):
  Session = Sessions.get(context.uid, None)
  if Session is None:
    Session = Sessions.setdefault(
        transactional=True, autoflush=True,
        bind=Engine(context.engine_url) # or getUtility...
  return Session()

And register orm.object_session also if you like to call consistently
    session = ISASession(context)

If you don't need to mix objects from different `sites` then you can register a local utility for ISessionConfig.

def scope():
  return getUtility(ISessionConfig).uid, thread.get_ident()

def factory():
  engine = Engine(getUtility(ISessionConfig).url)
  return create_session(
    transactional=True, autoflush=True, bind=engine

Session = scoped_session(factory, scopefunc=scope)

Then you can just import Session and use:
   session = Session()


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