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The current Zope 2 policy doesn't make sure the change history of unreleased versions is complete. But that's no essential part of that policy. And working with unreleased versions you might use subversion anyway.

See, I think that's bad. The change log should reflect all changes, be it in a released version or from Subversion. Or be it a release branch or the trunk.

"Note that you don't need to note the fix in the CHANGES.txt on the trunk if you don't want to. At the time a new feature release is made, we merge the items in CHANGES.txt from the trunk and current release branch so that for any given release it notes the actual changes as of that release." http://www.zope.org/DevHome/Subversion/ZopeDevelopmentProcess
I think I have done some of that merging once in a while, but always in a haphazard fashion and did not know about the URL you provided. I personally dislike that, and would strongly favor noting every change on the trunk as it is checked in, just like you would do on the branch.

Well. I don't like the "if you don't want to" part of the current policy because it just creates chaos. If everybody follows the same policy, the merging is not that much work.

It is much work if you have more than a single release branch. With the CMF, we have had times recently where stuff is updated on up to 3 branches plus trunk. Having to consult all those branches to synthesize the change log on the trunk is a major PITA and I don't see how that can be sane.


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