Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hi there,

I've made zope.sqlalchemy work with SQLAlchemy 0.5 beta 1, recently released.

This involved:

* the 'transactional=True' argument has become 'autocommit=False'

* various accesses that the tests were doing to get query.table and such didn't work anymore. I replaced them with direct accesses to the mapped classes.

I've also added a CHANGES.txt and a CREDITS.txt, and made it so that the CHANGES.txt information is also uploaded to the cheeseshop. We'll be using the official guidelines for management of this package for version numbers, and I've made adjustments there too.

The official guidelines are only actually hosted on to my knowledge, and they're here:

All of this work is on a branch:


I'd like to merge the branch to the trunk as soon as possible, but I need Laurence's "go" first. Laurence, any chance we'll be doing a release for 0.4* from the trunk? Or we could delegate that work to a

I've made the branch backwards compatible with 0.4 and merged to trunk. I'd like to keep compatibility while we can.


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