Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
This isn't a matter of a binary zope.proxy egg. If you look at the 'zope2' part of your buildout.cfg, you'll see it's actually trying to compile Zope 2 itself (which happens to contain the zope.proxy package as part of the Zope 3 libraries that it ships with).

Right, this doesn't seem sane.

Is this the fault of the recipe or of buildout?

What you want to do on Windows is install Zope 2 manually using the installers, then edit buildout.cfg to NOT build Zope 2, but to refer to the installation location, e.g.:

Well, I really don't ;-) I want buildout to get binary eggs on windows or (and I know I'm asking a lot here) to get a binary Zope 2 if it needs one.

I'm still hazy on what the problem is... Will buildout use binary eggs if they're available? (given that it's Windows where this is particularly important...)



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