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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
This isn't a matter of a binary zope.proxy egg. If you look at the 'zope2' part of your buildout.cfg, you'll see it's actually trying to compile Zope 2 itself (which happens to contain the zope.proxy package as part of the Zope 3 libraries that it ships with).

Right, this doesn't seem sane.

Is this the fault of the recipe or of buildout?

zc.buildout is a generic deployment tool. It's not related to Zope in any specific way (other than that it shares a couple of contributors). You can think of zc.buildout as 'make'. It just does what you tell it to do. buildout.cfg is the zc.buildout's "Makefile".

As I said, if you look at *your* specific buildout.cfg, you'll see that it tells zc.buildout to compile Zope 2. This is not a faulty zc.buildout presetting (because zc.buildout is a generic tool).

What you want to do on Windows is install Zope 2 manually using the installers, then edit buildout.cfg to NOT build Zope 2, but to refer to the installation location, e.g.:

Well, I really don't ;-) I want buildout to get binary eggs on windows

Zope2 isn't eggified yet, so it can't be installed as eggs.

or (and I know I'm asking a lot here) to get a binary Zope 2 if it needs one.

Then you want to

a) either write a recipe that does just that
b) or extend the plone.recipe.zope2install recipe to get the binary Zope installer and execute it (if that's even possible) on Windows, rather than trying to get the source tarball and compile it (this would still be the default for Unixy platforms).

Option b) is probably preferred because then you can share the same buildout.cfg between different platforms.

I'm still hazy on what the problem is... Will buildout use binary eggs if they're available? (given that it's Windows where this is particularly important...)

Yes, buildout just uses setuptools to fetch and install eggs. But as said, Zope 2 isn't eggified yet, so there's no point debating what kind of eggs it should have gotten. Your buildout.cfg never told it to get an egg. Your buildout.cfg tells it to compile and install Zope 2.

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