Hi Charith,

When you ask a question, you will have to explain *why* you want to do it. If you don't give people the context of what you are workign on, they won't be able to answer your question. I personally have no idea what you're trying to do, and I actually know you're working on the object query language project. This is something most people on this list don't even know.

Charith Paranaliyanage wrote:
I need to import objects and interfaces in Zope to another program. Say I have created some objects in Zope and then I need to retrieve them from other application running separately. How can I do this? Let me know it such application is available and other resources if available.

So, why do you want to do this? How is this going to help you write a system that queries the object database? If you want to access content in the object database, you can access the information using Python, after all.

If you really want this, we have some more questions:

* what is this other application where you want to retrieve the information?

* what format would you like this information to be available in?

* how is this going to help you?

If you don't ask clear questions, nobody is going to be able to help you. Your question is making a lot of assumptions that we don't know anything about, and perhaps they are not the right assumptions.



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