Someone changed the ZCML that registers the "gopherlib" module (why???) to this:

  <!-- This package has been deprecated in Python 2.5; let's use a cheap way
       of detecting Python 2.5 by checking whether the package "regex" exists,
       which has been deleted in that version. -->
  <module module="gopherlib"
          zcml:condition="installed regex">
    <allow attributes="send_selection send_query" />

In trying to avoid a Python 2.5 deprecation warning (not removal),
this code imports and causes a deprecation warning for a module that
was declared obsolete in Python 1.5 (yes, that's a "1"!).

Isn't this just a little bit insane?

I think the condition should be removed for 3.5.2,
and the registration of gopherlib should be removed for 3.6.0.


Fred L. Drake, Jr. <fdrake at>
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