Hi all,

I currently need to write a tutorial for how to use the web application which I've been developing. I'd really like to be able to produce something testable, in a doctest-like way.

My best idea so far is to build something based on zc.testbrowser.real, incorporating the ability to display comments on the screen and to pause for some amount of time/until the user clicks the mouse. The tutorial would need to run as a standard test (using zc.testbrowser.browser?) when run from the test runner, but in human- friendly mode when run as a tutorial.

I'm guessing that something like this would be very useful to many people; so much so that I'd expect something similar to have been done before. Is this the case? I have concerns about getting the tutorial to run against an existing ZODB without making modifications to it. I think there's some kind of storage which can wrap an existing storage, can anyone point me the right way?

I think Stephan and others had some ideas along these lines at the Foliage Sprint. I'd be grateful for your thoughts before I get started.


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