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> Betreff: [Zope-dev] Test runner: layers, subprocesses, and tear down

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> #2 will add some process start-up overhead, but it'll only be 
> one more process than is already started (and any 
> reasonably-sized test corpus already starts several processes 
> for each test run).  The one exception is for running with -D 
> or with a pdb.set_trace() embedded in the code under test.  
> For that case we need a switch to say "don't start any 
> subprocesses at all", I suspect that will be spelled -j0.

That's a very important point. I often use pdb if I write

> For motivation, some speed comparisons: running a particular 
> test suite with 3876 tests (mostly doctests, and mostly 
> functional) without the patch takes 6 minutes, 42 seconds; my 
> branch runs the same tests in 3 minutes and 22 seconds (give 
> or take) on a dual-core box with 3 simultaneous subprocesses.

Yeah, great!

Roger Ineichen

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