Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hi there,

I'm curious about the plans of Zope 3 on Python 2.5.

Me too, and I have been for ages, but I've gotten nowhere :-(

* Are people using Zope 3 with Python 2.5 already? What are your experiences?

Apparently, it's all good to go, even RestrictedPython.
The thing stopping me is that no-one seems willing and able (in that combination, I'm willing but don't have the right c-compiler) to build Windows binaries and get them up on PyPI.

I'll ask again: what can I do to help with this?

I particularly care about:

...and any dependencies.

* Are there plans for a release after Zope 3.4? I'm just assuming that Zope 3.4.0c1 is actually the only release that Zope 3.4 is going to see. Any plans or interest in a Zope 3.5?

I don't know what these mean anymore.
With smaller eggs, surely it's just a case of getting compatible versions of the smaller libraries. And surely each egg's will make sure this happens?



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