On 4 Jul 2008, at 17:34, Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
On 2008-07-04 01:19:47 +0200, Graham Stratton <[EMAIL PROTECTED] beasts.com> said:
I tried running the tests with Python 2.4. About half the time they pass fine, and the other half fail something like this:
      File "<doctest README.txt[40]>", line 1, in ?
File "/Users/graham/development/patched_zc.testbrowser/src/ zc/ testbrowser/real.py", line 201, in open
File "/Users/graham/development/patched_zc.testbrowser/src/ zc/ testbrowser/real.py", line 193, in wait
        assert self.execute('tb_page_loaded;') == 'false'
though for varying pages with browser.open(). I don't understand what could be causing it; why would that value be changed in between those two lines? I guess the time.sleep() on line 191 implies that there's something we might want to wait for. I increased it by 10x and only got 1 failure out of 10, so I guess that helps.

I had this error, too and checked in a maybe-fix in r87964. Have you tried with this revision or the one before? If it's thisone I'll add another loop there.

I've tried with this revision, and with the timeout extended, but still occasionally see the problem.

I have a couple of independent fixes for other issues which I'll discuss once this branch is merged.


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