Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Florian Friesdorf wrote:
Hi *,

within the scope of google summer of code I am integrating zope 3's PAU with
Plone's PAS and further enable (non-AT) content objects as source for users and
groups. All functionality is developed in pure zope3, the plone integration is
happening in a separate packages.

All documents describing the project, as well as links to the code can be found


The one thing I am missing is: why? PAS works fine and covers a lot more
functionality than PAU and there are more PAS plugins than PAU plugins.
It's also perfectly possible to use non-AT content as source for users
with PAS as well as tools such as b-org demonstrate.

Exactly. I don't mean to pee on anybody's parade here, but IMHO Wichert is right. To be constructive, I think it'd be much more interesting to investigate hooking Plone up to an external authentication mechanism such as repoze.who.

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