Cool, thanks for the release. I notice by the way that my clever use of nested lists confused two bug fixers; only the first two entries here have to do with my fixes in zope.testing.module. :)

Benji York wrote:
- Added a doctest for ``zope.testing.module``. There were several bugs
  that were fixed:

  * ``README.txt`` was a really bad default argument for the module
    name, as it is not a proper dotted name. The code would immediately
    fail as it would look for the ``txt`` module in the ``README``
    package. The default is now ``__main__``.

  * The tearDown function did not clean up the ``__name__`` entry in the
    global dictionary.

  * Fix a bug that caused a SubprocessError to be generated if a
    subprocess sent any output to stderr.

  * Fix a bug that caused the unit tests to be skipped if run in a



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