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Mark Hammond wrote:
>> Well, Zope moved onwards from PAS to PAU

I doubt that seriously:  I would venture that there are two orders of
magnitude more users of PAS than PAU in production deployments.  PAU was
an attempt to port the PAS to a "component-centric" implementation, but
it lost at least a couple of key features along the way:  most notably,
the ZCA provides no way to control the ordering of the invocation of the

> and I think Plone should too,

- -1.  I can see no benefit, except the myth (in the technical,
anthropological sense) that a Z3-based rewrite of any arbitrary
component must be superior to the thing it rewrites.

>> because:
> It seems like just yesterday that PAS offered the promise of being the nice
> clean way forward for authentication, and even offered a path to Zope3.
> I've been subscribed to zope-dev since then, but somehow the anointing of
> PUA escaped my attention.
> It seems like plenty of people in these -dev communities aren't aware the
> world has shifted again under them, so I pity the poor soul who attempts to
> use/install/configure this software.

PlonePAS still has some rough edges, as do some of the available
plugins, but the underlying PAS is still a pretty nice way to do "local"
user folders.

>> I am writing a PlonePAS plugin, that makes the world of PAU available
>> to Plone
> Hopefully you will finish by the time PAU is considered
> ugly/unpythonic/whatever enough to replace <wink/sigh>
> The sands constantly shifting under our feet sounds like a much bigger
> problem than whatever was wrong with PAS, or whatever will be decided is
> wrong with PUA (and repeat ad-nauseam for the variety of successors.)

Heh, you sound almost as much like an "old fart" as I do. :)

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