Previously Mark Hammond wrote:
> Martin quoting me:
> > > I was referring to the thread at
> > >,
> > > entitled "[Zope-PAS] Challengers (and Zope 3)"
> ...
> > Sorry, I may've gotten my history mixed up a little here, but in any
> > case, I think the point remains: no-one's said (nor not said) that PAS
> > is to be deprecated in favour of PAU in a Zope 2/CMF/Plone context at
> > least. So I don't think you missed that. ;-)
> Thanks for the clarification.
> However, while not wanting to extend this debate any more than necessary,
> I'm still wondering if *my* point remains valid in the broader "zope x"
> context:
> Is PAS still alive and preferred for Zope3?  Or more generally, is there any
> reasonable strategy for sticking with PAS in Zope2 while also keeping the
> door open to Zope3?  I hope so - but I fear that for fairly obscure reasons
> Zope2 and Zope3 have diverged in this specific area, in a way that isn't in
> the long term interests of people investing in Zope technologies...

Zope3 has never supported PAS and I doubt it ever well. Zope2 has never
supported PAU and the Zope2 world in general seems to be quiet happy
with sticking to PAS. Since Zope3 is not a successor to Zope2 but a
completely different thing I do not think this is problematic.


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