On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 02:04:32PM +0100, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>  I think it's worth displaying some sensitivity to the context of Google 
>  Summer of Code here. I too worry that PAULA may throw the baby (PAS) out 
>  with the bathwater.
>  However, GSoC is an excellent incubator of R&D, and has secondary goals such 
>  as bringing more people into the community and engaging with students so 
>  that they become the future contributors of our projects. Shooing them down 
>  in flames is not going to help.

I see my work clearly in the R&D area, too, and I would like to take it as an
opportunity to get further involved with Plone and Zope development. Sorry, if I
am kicking off flames on the way there ;)

>  I wish that some of these discussions had been had in the open so that more 
>  people could weigh in. However, most people who aren't used to the open 
>  source way (and plenty who are, even) find it difficult to address a whole 
>  community on a public mailing list and understand the nuances of the 
>  responses. That very thing is part of the learning curve that GSoC seeks to 
>  address.

point taken

>  On balance, I think it's great that Florian is exploring new territory here. 
>  PAULA may or may become a part of Zope and/or Plone in the future. It may be 
>  that we use bits of it and let other bits evolve separately. It may be that 
>  it dies, but at least then we have a clear idea about what PAU is and what 
>  benefits it can bring. The notion of having a bridge component certainly 
>  sounds sensible to me.
>  So, please, let's not be too harsh until we've seen the final product and 
>  given it a fair chance.

thank you very much for supporting my idea


PS: Did you intentionally not post to plone-developer's? As all of them are on
zope-dev, too?

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