Brian Sutherland wrote at 2008-7-13 12:41 +0200:
>On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 09:05:16AM +0200, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> Andreas Jung wrote at 2008-7-12 07:17 +0200:
>> > ...
>> >What do you mean by "higher level"? I think that the check  within the 
>> >ZPublisher is the highest and right place.
>> >
>> >> Code running
>> >> after the commit() expects a new transaction and now will not get that.
>> >
>> >You refer to code executed as part of a ZODB post-commit handler?
>> >If a transaction is doomed then such handlers should never be executed - 
>> >right?
>> The problem is that a doomed transaction prevents "joining".
>> This means that any operation that causes a join during error
>> handling will fail. Examples are: accessing a session, accessing
>> a relational database.
>> The bug is in the ZODB ("transaction") code.
>> A doomed transaction should not prevent joining.
>Do you have an example of this bug? It should be fixed. It is already
>tested in doom.txt like this:

Thus, maybe, someone already has fixed this problem.

In this case, executing the error handling in the same transaction
as the main request should no longer make problems
(this was where I have seen the bug).

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