Martijn Faassen wrote:
So basically you felt Zope 3 wasn't a good match for Vudo, in the
sense that the normal browser:page wasn't really want you wanted
either, right? Similar to the way you could extend Zope 3 with your
own new ZCML directives to set up the way you'd like views to work
(I'm not sure whether you're doing this), you could as well extend
Grok with your own new grokkers.

Correct. And we did create a new directive to define layouts.

I actually think ZCML is very suitable when you're configuring stuff that hasn't to do with code. Whether it's good for configuring code is for another discussion.

I just didn't want Grok singled out here - I don't to leave people
with the impression that Grok locks them into a certain approach any
more than Zope 3-the-application-framework does; I don't believe it
does. Of course Zope 3-the-libraries leave the options more open,
witness this thread. The various grok libraries (martian,
grokcore.component) should be seen as part of this wider ecosystem as

That's a good point. Certainly Grok proves to be quite flexible, but it's still very centralized on defining a set of components and have them automatically glued together.

I think Grokkish ideas will make much sense in Vudo *applications*. For the framework code I'm a bit more conversative.

I hope that some of your explorations concerning layouts could be
plugged into Grok as a library eventually.

The layout stuff is definitely easy to reuse and I think Brandon already has a good grasp on how it might fit in. The key idea with ``vudo.layout`` is that you can just plug in HTML and have it work.


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